In order to EARN a 2020-2021 Wrestling shirt you need to complete the following activities by Tuesday 1/26. There are two parts to each activity. The activity and the proof. You need to complete each part to get credit. Send me emails at to show me your proof. You can do these in any order put please plan things out as some will require multiple days of effort. I am counting on you all to do this. Coaches will be completing these as well so we can earn out shirts as well.

Activity – eat a salad
Proof – send me a picture of the salad you are about to eat
Completed: Johnna, Andre, Abby, Will

Activity – drink 1/2 gallon of water each day for 4 days
Proof – send me a picture of your empty bottles/water bottle
Completed: Abby (4 of 4), Johnna (4 of 4), Andre (4 of 4), Syzmon (4 of 4), Will (3 of 4)

Activity – 30 minutes of cardio (running, biking, rowing. etc)
Proof – send me a description of what you did and how much distance you covered
Completed: Andre, Johnna, Evan, Abby, Will, Szymon

Activity – reduce processed sugar for two days (no candy, cookies, etc.)
Proof – send me what you ate for those two days in an email
Completed: Johnna (2 of 2), Andre (2 of 2), Abby (2 of 2), Syzmon ( 2 of 2), Will (2 of 2), Zack (1 of 2)

Activity – Squats – complete 100 squats before Tuesday
Proof – tell me when you did them in an email
Completed – Johnna, Abby, Szymon, Will, Andre

Activity – Pushups – complete 100 pushups before Tuesday
Proof – send me an email outlining when you completed your pushups
Completed – Johnna, Abby, Szymon, Will, Andre, Zack

Activity – watch a college wrestling match (I recommend watching Big10 wrestling)
Proof – send me the link to the video you watched.
Andre –
Johnna –
Will –
Abby –
Szymon –

Activity – tell me which famous amateur American wrestler is your favorite and why (check out John Smith, Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, Jordan Burroughs, Kyle Dake, David Taylor, and J’Den Cox to get you started)
Proof – send me a short paragraph supporting your position. Include comments on style or accomplishments in your support.

Abby – Jordan Burroughs
Will – David Taylor
Johnna – Cael Sanderson
Andre – Jordan Burroughs
Szymon – Dan Gable


AGAIN, send all Proof to my email at

If you complete ALL of these activities, you will be awarded a 2020-2021 Wrestling shirt. I will only award these to people who have completed all of these activities.