You must watch this!

This video is required to watch during the first week of practice. I will be asking questions about it.  If you do not know the answer you will be doing pushups.


Know the history of the sport. Know the people who came before you. Know what they did to get there. Can you do it too?

From the Greatest Wrestler EVER.

“Once you’ve wrestled, everything in life is easy. “- Dan Gable


While I never won an Olympic gold medal or won three national championships or coached the best NCAA wrestling team ever, this is my philosophy.

I really believe this. I have coached cross country, soccer, football, baseball, softball, track, golf and lacrosse at different times in my life, but I fist and foremost consider myself a wrestler. I have been a teacher, a father, a son, a husband and a business owner and I have done well in all facets of my life. Why?  Because I know that I have already worked harder than anyone else. I can push myself further to make sure things get done and done well. Wrestling has defined me and I hope it defines you someday.

—- Coach Miller