Welcome to the Marianapolis Wrestling web site.

I made this web site as a means for you to communicate with me and also for me to communicate with you. I know that many of the wrestlers are new to the sport so I have compiled some videos and stories that I hope explain the sport and how I envision and coach it.

I have been coaching wrestling for over 30 years at various levels ranging from elementary school kids to high school champions. I have coached in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and in both private and public schools. I have very high expectations but I also know many of you are just starting out in the sport. Trust me and you will find success this year.

This year the focus will be on determination. A determined wrestler can not be stopped. You must be that determined wrestler to be successful.

1. I expect all wrestlers to be the “class act” of the school.  I will be periodically checking to make sure you are exceeding (not just meeting) the expectations of Marianapolis Prep. To this goal, I will not tolerate cursing in my presence nor will I allow any unsportsmanlike behavior.  Your behavior reflects upon you, me, your team and your school.

2. Practices during this strange time will be at 3:00 on Tuesday and Thursday. These webEx calls will range between 15 and 30 minutes.

3. Focus will be rewarded. Stay tuned for how.

4. We will be an Old School team built on commitment, aggression, and determination. Expect some wrestling traditions to find their way into your wrestling room.